What we do know: The pope has a history of issuing new canon laws and his canon law was issued on June 17, 2015, when he was a cardinals, but the law was never published in the Vatican’s archives.

It was not issued until October of that year. 

It has been known since the pope’s papacy that he will not be in office for long, but his new policy is one that is expected to last for years. 

The law provides for the canonization of two saints, Francis of Assisi and his father, the late Pope John XXIII. 

Francises canonization is set for April 17. 

“The canon law is very important for two reasons,” said Monsignor Antonio Visconti, a professor of law at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome.

“First, it establishes a framework for what the pope is going to do in the future, and second, it makes sure that the pope can continue to function as pope,” he said. 

In the new canon, two of the three surviving saints are named after Francis, and his name is also spelled out as “Francis.” 

The Vatican has been in negotiations with American and Canadian religious institutions over the new canon. 

This has created a bit of a headache for the Vatican, with the US and Canada both considering boycotting the canon. 

There is no indication of when Francis will announce the new law. 

But the new pope will be able to make the case that he has made the canon law more authoritative and more fitting of his legacy. 

Pope Francis has also been able to issue new conciliar decrees, which give him authority to make changes to canon law, such as changing the canon to include an original author or a person whose writings are not included in the canon, said Monsignor Visconico of the Pontificium Anselm, a Roman Catholic seminary. 

Viscontio said Francists canon has been established because of his extraordinary authority, but the law will not become a new canon for him. 

His power to make a change is also greater because he is the head of the church and he can make changes in the Church. 

Some have been calling for Francis to make an announcement about canonization. 

While Francis has said he will never issue new canon decrees he has said he has the authority to do so, and he has used the power of the papacy to change canon law.

A new canon is not something that can be issued with a whimper or a whimpering, Visconto said.

“It’s an official declaration,” he told CNN. 

With a new canon that changes the canon, it becomes a new, theoretically canonical text. 

That means Franciscos new canon is binding on the Church, Visco said.

“If he changes canon, the new version will become canonical and he can make that change.” 

“That’s the most important thing for the Church because the canon is the law of the Church,” Visconi said.

Visconio said there is no need for Francis to make a change in canon because he has already made that change and it is already consistent with his mandate. 

So there is no reason to believe that Francis will not make changes that are consistent with his canon and his mission, he said with the caveat that it is still unknown how he will be perceived as a pope and he may make mistakes that are still under investigation.

In a recent speech, Francis declared he will not make changes to the canon because the Church has never made a change. 

If he did, he would be in violation of the church’s holy council and the vocation of the pope, Visto said.

The Vatican did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment. 

When the new Pope was a cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI issued a controversial new canon that allowed for the papacy to include authors who were not accredited in the canon and who were not included in the  canon by other papal renovations. 

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the first pope to ever be canonized as pope, said the new rules made no sense because they did not support the teaching of the holy fathers, the Vatican said.

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