Georgia is not the only state to see a decline in the number of magnet schools in the wake of the Great Recession.

As of July 1, 2017, only 8 states have more than 100 magnet schools, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Georgia is no exception.

The number of schools offering magnet enrollment in the state has dropped from 954 in 2016 to 824 this year.

In Georgia, schools have been offering enrollment options for more than 30 years, but enrollment in some schools has fallen substantially.

A recent report from the University of California found that in the last decade, enrollment in state schools has dropped by 22 percent.

A few years ago, the number was around 90 percent.

Today, enrollment is down to around 55 percent.

The drop has been especially steep in the magnet schools.

According to data compiled by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, only nine states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia) offer magnet enrollment options in 2017.

Only Georgia (7) has more than one magnet school.

Georgia also has a higher percentage of students from low-income families than any other state in the country.

In 2017, fewer than 25 percent of the students in the district were students from families making less than $50,000 per year.

The average annual income for students in Georgia is $38,200.

Georgia has been trying to make up for that gap by opening up enrollment options that offer students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, from families earning less than half of the median income, to students with special needs.

But as of 2017, the majority of students in those magnet schools have no choice but to enroll in one of those schools.

That has been particularly pronounced in the area of physical education, where the number is dropping at a higher rate than other schools.

A 2014 report from The Associated Press found that the number in physical education programs has dropped 26 percent in Georgia since 2000, from 6,927 students to 4,939 students.

In the same time period, the average graduation rate for physical education students in North Carolina is higher than in any other place in the United States, according a 2015 report from American Academy of Pediatrics.

Physical education students who graduate from high school in Georgia have a higher graduation rate than students in any of the other five states surveyed in that report.

Georgia’s physical education enrollment is the third highest among states in the U.S., behind only New York and California.

But Georgia is the only school in the nation to have a significantly higher percentage drop in enrollment than its enrollment in math and science, according the AP.

Georgia students who were admitted to Georgia’s magnet schools enrolled at about twice the rate of students who graduated from high schools.

In 2020, Georgia’s average attendance in the high school group was 1,908 students, while the average for students admitted to the high schools was 1.829.

The enrollment in high school is also up significantly in the schools with more than 200 students.

This year, the enrollment at the district’s high schools has increased from 1,732 students in 2020 to 1,878 students.

At the high-school level, enrollment has been trending upward, according Toensing, the associate director for the Atlanta region.

In math and Science, Georgia has had a slight dip, but the trend has been pretty steady.

This fall, the district added about 4,000 students in mathematics and science.

The district has added about 2,200 students in both the high and low schools, Toensing said.

“It’s definitely been a change, and we’re still seeing some improvement,” she said.

The high- and low-school population numbers are a small percentage of the overall number of students at the high, middle, and high schools in Georgia.

The total number of Georgia students enrolled in magnet schools is around 1.4 million.

According a 2015 AP report, Georgia is one of the states that is experiencing a drop in the percentage of low- and middle-income students who enroll in magnet school options.

The report found that from 2000 to 2016, Georgia students attending magnet schools decreased from about 30 percent to about 10 percent.

But since the Great Depression, enrollment numbers have increased and are now above 60 percent.

As a result, students from lower-income households are enrolling more at magnet schools than they did in the early 1990s.

According the AP report: In 2000, only 10 percent of high school seniors in Georgia were enrolled in a magnet school and fewer than 10 percent were enrolled at a traditional public school.

By 2020, the proportion of low school seniors enrolled in traditional public schools increased to nearly 15 percent.

Since 2000, the percentage with no school choice at all has increased, from 7 percent to 15 percent, and the proportion with a school choice has increased to 10 percent, from about 3 percent.

Between 2000 and 2020, about a third of

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