A Florida man is fighting to keep his daughter’s beloved dog from being euthanased because of her cancer diagnosis.

Key points:Volusia County schools’ veterinary technician has been euthanizedVolusian High School students say they are worried about their classmatesVolusial High School student, who is a student of a veterinarian, says she’s worried about her classmatesVolustia County Schools is planning to take a look at how it can be more responsible about pet euthanasiaIn the meantime, the Volusia school district said in a statement that it would consider “immediate steps” to improve animal care, including hiring a vet to assess euthanasia procedures.

The statement says a school resource officer will be on site at all of the schools to ensure that no one is put in a position where they have to euthanase their pet.

“Volusians are human beings too, and their deaths should not be an issue,” the statement says.

“We understand that our schools are not the only places where animals die, and that some are euthanised because of a lack of training and the need to make sure that the animals have the best chance to live.”

Volusiana County Schools says it is looking at ways to increase animal care at the schools.

“The school resource officers are on site to ensure no one has to euthansize their pet,” the school district’s statement said.

“If a student is euthanising their pet, they will receive a vet’s report on their situation.”

Volustias school district has been a leader in animal welfare since the school opened in 2005, but the district’s pet policies are a long way from the standards of care that exist at the University of Florida.

Volusias school is a private school, and vets are on-site at all the schools, and the school has an online application for vets.

In the past, Volusian students have been in contact with the school’s animal welfare staff, who have been involved in training and euthanasing animals, including dogs.

Volustial High has been working with the district on its animal care policies since its opening, and it said the school will take a close look at its policies after the school year is over.

“Our primary concern at this time is for the welfare of our students and staff, and we are actively working to improve our policies to be as humane as possible,” the district said.

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