A couple of weeks ago, I started driving my daughter to a school where she would have to drive.

She is an eighth grader and the school was in Carrollton, Texas. 

I had a few things to say to my daughter, as I was driving to the school, about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. 

“Are you going to be OK?”

I asked her, as she started to drive away. 

She turned to me, confused, as if she didn’t really know what to say. 

When I was leaving the car, I pulled over, pulled her out of the car and hugged her.

I hugged her back. 

Her eyes were wide open, as though she had just heard someone say something bad about her. 

Later, I sat down in the back seat of the police car with her and said, “My daughter has been at school and is in the car with another girl, and it’s unsafe for her.

Do you want to go?” 

“What?” she said. 

Then I started sobbing. 

A week later, I called her mom, and told her about the incident. 

My daughter was upset, but I also knew that I could not help her, and I knew that if I talked about the matter, she would be afraid to come forward. 

This is a common problem.

The majority of kids who are drinking or using drugs at school are unaware of the consequences, and are often reluctant to talk about it. 

So we all do what we can to educate our children, but when our children come home from school and tell us they are drunk, we don’t tell them to stay home or that they need to stay in the house. 

That’s not right. 

Instead, we tell them they should stay at home. 

They need to get their driver’s license and their driving license and be able to drive safely. 

The problem is, it is very hard for kids to get drivers’ licenses if they have a history of DUIs. 

Our job is to teach our children how to safely drive. 

If our children are learning to drive, they will not get behind the wheel until they know how to drive responsibly. 

Parents can do a better job of teaching our children that we, as adults, are responsible for our actions, and that we should be there to support them. 

Unfortunately, this problem is not just in schools. 

Schools are also at the forefront of our society. 

There are some things we can do to help students avoid becoming involved in alcohol-related issues. 


Stop telling kids to stay at school.

We know that kids with a history or alcohol-use disorder are less likely to come home if they are told not to go to school. 

Children need to know that they are not to be put in danger if they do want to drive home.

 We know that if we are there for our children and they have not been sober for some time, we can be there for them. 


Get involved with local schools.

I believe that if children are educated about the consequences of driving, they can avoid the situation that we are in. 

We have schools in our community that are working to educate their students. 

Some schools have counselors who can speak with students about the effects of drinking and driving. 

And parents can be present in the school when they are driving to help them understand how they are going to react when they encounter alcohol-involved drivers. 


Teach kids to drive at home or at night.

We teach our kids how to handle a situation that they know could lead to them getting in trouble, so that they understand what they can and cannot do in a situation like that. 


Talk to them about alcohol use.

It is important to talk to kids about alcohol and its effects. 

For instance, if a child is drinking, we need to be aware of the effects.

We need to recognize the dangers and avoid them if we can. 


Teach them how to recognize signs of intoxication.

We also need to teach kids how they can recognize signs that could indicate they are under the influence. 


Have someone at home to monitor their alcohol use if needed. 

At home, we do our best to make sure kids don’t have alcohol in their system. 


Have a conversation with them about how they might want to get sober. 


Have a discussion about how to help their parents. 


Talk about the risks of alcohol-impaired driving with the school counselor. 


Talk to them if they think that they might be drinking. 


Discuss ways to help parents and students get the help they need. 


Tell them that if they can’t be there, they should be able have someone at their home to watch them while they are

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