As Democrats in Congress try to find common ground with Republicans, Republicans are threatening to force education reform on the president.

Read MoreNews headlinesIn a move that could end up forcing Congress to act, the White House on Thursday announced that the Trump administration would withdraw from a $25 billion plan to expand early childhood education in 2017 and 2018.

The president has said that the funding plan, which was part of a larger $25.6 billion package that he signed into law in May, was aimed at providing more support to states to expand their programs.

But Republicans say the plan was a waste of money and that the program should have been funded through the end of 2021.

In a joint statement, the two parties said they were “deeply disappointed” with the president’s decision.

“While we have been focused on the well-being of our kids for years, this administration has taken a different approach to helping our kids.

This approach has led to the loss of $25bn in federal support for our children’s education,” the statement said.”

With the president having made it clear that he will not fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program, this is a clear sign that the president is not interested in the childrens future and wants to take their future for granted.”

The White House says it has “serious concerns” about the president�s decision.

It says the administration will continue to work with Congress to come up with an appropriate solution for the families.

The White Houses statement says it is “working with Congress and the states to determine the best approach for ensuring our children have the best possible chance to succeed.”

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Education says that the administration is still evaluating the impact the withdrawal of the federal funding will have on the program.

“We remain committed to our plan to deliver critical support to the states and our local school districts to expand pre-K and preschool access,” the spokesperson said.

The statement also says that after the administration has “assessed” the impact of the withdrawal, it will “continue to consult with Congress” and “will work with the states on how to restore funding to them.”

The administration has said it has not decided whether to keep the program going or pull it.

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