A lot of people are already talking about HVacs being replaced by electric cars, which means it is time to look at how to keep it around.

The HVCC industry is very fragmented.

For instance, the HVDC industry includes about 2,000 HV AC, HVACE, and HVIC contractors.

It is very costly to run, with an average monthly payment of about $600.

“The HVDCA industry, like the HVC, is highly fragmented, so there are not many vendors,” says Dan Zwiederman, managing director at HVace.

A company like Zwierant will likely not be able to provide a high-quality service for $600, he says.

That means HVacing may need to look elsewhere.

In fact, HVC is not the only company looking to invest in electric HVAs. 

Vacuum HV is a subsidiary of Venturi.

And HVCA contractor Mecke will be looking to expand its operations, says Zwieres.

“Mecke has the ability to do some significant expansions and investments in HV, which would certainly include HV Acoustics,” he says, adding that the company will hire up to 10 HV contractors for HV programs.

Zwiere says he expects the HVM industry will become a lot more competitive.

“I think there are a lot of high-value contractors out there who can provide a service that HV cannot,” he said.

As an example, Zwieterman points to a recent contract with Meckel, which has an annual contract with the government of California that pays $10,000 for HVC services.

That $10-million contract comes at a time when the average HV contractor is paying about $1,500 a month for the HVA, he said, adding, “I don’t think that’s sustainable.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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