After years of a bitter political battle, former Gov.

Andrew Cuomo is being held at a prison outside of Albany after he was indicted on fraud charges stemming from a scheme to bribe and steal from the state’s public schools.

Cuomo was first indicted in March 2016 and pleaded not guilty.

A second indictment was issued in July 2017, but the state dismissed the charges in October 2018.

In a letter sent to the New York State Supreme Court, Cuomo’s attorneys argued the charges are “politically motivated” and that the governor’s “career record demonstrates a lack of concern for the welfare of children and families.”

Cuomo, who was elected in 2015 and was re-elected in 2018, is currently serving a one-year sentence in a federal prison in New York City.

In January 2019, the governor was placed on administrative leave and removed from office.

Cuomo had faced a possible retrial, but that process was dropped in January 2019.

His case against him is currently being heard by a New York Superior Court judge.

Cuomo’s indictment charges that he and his associates conspired to steal about $4.5 million from public schools during the years of the Cuomo administration.

According to the indictment, he and other associates stole money and property in an attempt to curry favor with the governor and his family, who controlled the state.

Cuomo denied the allegations and called the charges “a political witch hunt.”

Cuomo has maintained that he was never a “crony capitalist,” and the governor has repeatedly called the accusations “baseless.”

He also defended his handling of the state budget crisis and the recent spike in murders in New Jersey.

The New York Supreme Court rejected the governor, however, and the case was sent back to the judge.

On Wednesday, the state Supreme Court announced that Cuomo was not required to be in jail during the case.

However, the court also ruled that the state had the right to keep him in jail “for the purpose of ensuring his compliance with the terms of his deferred prosecution agreement.”

The state had previously argued that Cuomo’s case should be transferred to a federal court, and a judge will determine how to proceed.

Cuomo, a Democrat, is serving a two-year prison sentence for fraud.

The governor’s case was one of three cases to be heard in New Mexico in 2018.

Other governors in the state were indicted in 2017 for tax evasion, mail fraud and obstruction of justice.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, was convicted of mail fraud in 2017, and former Gov’s Bill Richardson was indicted in 2018 for conspiracy to defraud the state of nearly $200 million.

Both of the governors were found guilty.

Cuomo and Richardson were also indicted for allegedly accepting bribes from a businesswoman for work on the governor-owned Central Valley Project, a controversial public works project in New Mexican territory.

New York state also is facing a lawsuit over the treatment of a woman who sued her ex-husband, former New York Gov.

George Pataki, for allegedly raping her.

The woman filed the lawsuit in 2017 against Pataki and several members of his administration.

Pataki’s office denied the woman’s claims, and she was subsequently awarded $20 million in a settlement.

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