By Laura Ettlinger, Staff WriterThe Columbus school district has a new option in place for students who need help navigating the school district’s confusing new medical school supply system.

Instead of paying $150 a month to attend an expensive private school, students will be able to pay $150 per semester for their school.

It is expected to save the district nearly $100 million over the next 10 years.

The plan, which was announced Wednesday, was first revealed by Columbus Mayor Greg Ballard and has been adopted by the district.

The Columbus Board of Education will review the new system before deciding whether to adopt it.

The new system will not affect current students or families who enroll in Columbus’ public schools.

Districts across the country are looking to use the $1.6 billion medical school stock to provide free or reduced-price health care to needy students.

The system is meant to be a model for other districts to follow.

District officials said the plan will make it easier for students to access the medical school system.

It will make sure that they can access the health care that is needed.

Students will still have to pay the full cost of tuition, books and other costs.

In addition, students who do not need medical school will still be able access the school’s health and wellness programs.

Students who need additional care will still need to pay out of pocket.

District administrators said they are hopeful that the new medical plan will save the school system $90 million over 10 years, but said it could cost the district millions more if the system is adopted.

Columbus officials have already spent millions of dollars trying to improve the system.

Last year, the district spent $8,000 of its annual $1 million annual budget to install the new network.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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