The fake Harvard Medical School ad on the left is a photo of an elderly woman in a white dress, holding a cup of tea. 

On the right is a young man in a bright red suit, a red scarf and a white shirt, standing next to a desk that appears to be made out of glass. 

The ad appears to have been posted by a fake medical school, but is in fact by Harvard Medical.

The advertisement on the right has a caption that reads: “Harvard Medical School is the only institution of its kind in the world with an exclusive, non-invasive test for prostate cancer.”

But the ad is actually posted by the Harvard Medical Society, which is a group of medical schools.

The ad has been posted in the Harvard Journal of Medicine since September, but it has only appeared in the journal in the past few days.

The ad shows a young woman in white dress holding a tea cup.

She appears to hold the cup in her hand and is looking down at her hand.

The caption reads: “Harvey and I are proud to be a part of this exclusive non-INVASIVE test for Protein Synthesis and Cancer.”

“We want you to know that our test is very accurate and effective.

If you have cancer, it’s possible that you may be cured!”

The Harvard Medical Association and the Harvard School of Public Health both issued a joint statement on the advertisement saying that they were investigating the claim.

The Harvard Medical Board of Trustees is also looking into the claims.

We reached out to Harvard Medical for comment.

The university has not yet responded to a request for comment on this story.

This is the third fake medical ad from the Harvard advertising group.

The group also posted a misleading ad about a cancer treatment, in which a woman is shown holding a plastic cup with an upside down sun on it.

The first fake Harvard ad was posted in February, showing a man and woman in red gowns holding a glass of water.

The second ad showed two people with umbrellas holding a water bottle.

The fake Harvard advertisement appeared to be created by a marketing firm called HMD Global.

The firm was paid $150,000 by Harvard to post the ads in the Journal of Medical Advertising.HMD Global told News24 that the ad on Tuesday is fake.

We asked the firm why it posted the ad, and it said it was trying to get attention for its company. 

HMD declined to say if the firm paid for the ad or if the fake ad was paid for by the University.

It also declined to comment on whether the company is a fake.

We also reached out the Harvard Advertising Board for comment, but we were told it had not received a response.

Hudson reported the fake Harvard Ad.

If you see a fake ad from Harvard advertising in the News24 app, click the icon to the left to report it to us.

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