Trinity High School in New Jersey is hosting a movie-making class called “Teen Idol” to introduce kids to the arts of filmmaking.

The class, which will begin Monday, will feature six students, ages 13 to 18, who are members of the New Jersey Screenwriters’ Guild, according to a news release from the school.

The movie will feature music, puppetry and live performances from the New York Film Festival, and will be screened at the school’s film festival.

It will also feature a special screening at the New Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where the Academy will showcase the film.

The first students to sign up for the class will be chosen at random by the academy, who will determine the next batch of students, according the release.

The academy is a nonprofit, educational organization based in New York City that has been producing independent film since 1999.

The Teen Idol class will last five weeks, according a statement from Trinity High.

Students can also take part in a mentorship program, and Trinity will help them with their filmmaking goals, the release states.

The academy, which is also the official school of the Teen Vogue and Teen Choice Awards, has more than 200 films to choose from.

The Academy of Screenwriters, Inc. and the New American Screenwriting Program are two organizations that have created a new program for teens, “Screenwriters Academy,” which aims to teach writers the skills necessary to create successful films.

In addition to the New Teen Writers program, there is a Teen Movie Competition that offers students the opportunity to compete in contests such as “Porkchop” and “The Muppets” in order to win awards.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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