By Tim Cole-WatsonPosted 10 May 2015 06:21:53 A British education official has dismissed concerns over a new curriculum being developed for a middle school in the north of England as “misleading” and “inaccurate”.

According to the Ministry of Education (ME) – which oversees school curriculum – the curriculum has not yet been approved by the government.

The curriculum, which would focus on Christian values, is a new one developed by a private company.

It would be used by a group of middle school students in a public school.

However, a spokeswoman for the Department for Education said: “The curriculum is in its early stages of development and there are no decisions yet made on its future.”

“The Department is currently working with local authorities to develop and implement the curriculum in partnership with the Department of Education, Skills and Skills Training (DETS).”

We have asked the local authorities, local schools and local schools’ associations to ensure that the curriculum is delivered in a way that maximises the opportunities for pupils to grow in the best way possible.

“A spokesman for the department said: ‘It is misleading to suggest that the [middle school] curriculum has been delayed due to the introduction of the curriculum by a government department.’

The curriculum will be implemented in the coming months.’

The department said it had not received any applications from schools wanting to use the curriculum.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has also dismissed concerns about the curriculum as “inadequate” and said it was not yet ready to consider schools that applied for it.

The ministry is currently looking for “new and innovative ways” to promote and reinforce the values and principles of Christianity, which the MoD said would include the promotion of the values of “freedom of speech and freedom of conscience”.

The curriculum was developed by the company Christian Schools Network.

It includes the values that “respect the human person”, “respect authority” and the “right to life”.’

This is a very important curriculum for children’The ministry said it wanted to ensure the curriculum was being delivered “in a way which maximises” the opportunity for pupils.”

This is very important for children, especially as they are growing up in a new and challenging time in the country,” the spokeswoman said.”

There is a need for them to be challenged in all areas of life and they need to be prepared for the demands of their future.

“The MoD has been working with schools to develop the curriculum and said they would be given an opportunity to submit their applications.

It added: “It’s not clear to us whether the curriculum will meet MoD’s expectations for schools and parents, but we are currently working closely with local schools to ensure they get the curriculum right.”

The curriculum has also been criticised by the National Secular Society (NSS).”

I don’t think we should be pushing religion on our children,” said the group’s chief executive, Neil Clark.”

It is a good idea, but it shouldn’t be compulsory.””

If you want children to be free to choose whatever they want to believe, why should they be forced to learn something that they’re not comfortable with?””

They should be allowed to explore their beliefs freely.

“The head of the NSS’s national directorate for schools, Robyn Dickson, said she hoped the government would review its decision to allow the curriculum to be taught in the North of England.”

Parents will be able to see that they can still go to a public primary school and still have that freedom of choice, and that is a really important part of our democracy.””

If the government has the courage to put this curriculum on the curriculum list it will have shown that it is serious about safeguarding religious freedoms.”

“Parents will be able to see that they can still go to a public primary school and still have that freedom of choice, and that is a really important part of our democracy.”

The government is currently consulting with local authority leaders and other stakeholders about the impact the curriculum might have on children in the region.

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