As it stands, Newark Public schools rank No. 8 in the country according to the U.S. News Law School Rankings. 

NPS students have access to some of the most expensive public schools in the U-S.

with tuition ranging from $26,000 to $32,000 per year.

But it’s not just the high prices that NPS students pay that’s driving the school’s low rankings.

For one thing, the law school ranks NPS’ scores poorly for its ability to teach, and the school is rated as one of the worst schools in New Jersey for student-to-teacher ratios, which means that fewer students are being taught in the same class. 

The New Jersey legislature, which is responsible for determining school funding, has repeatedly called for an overhaul of NPS in the past few years, and many legislators are looking to reduce its funding.

Some of the changes that would be needed include cutting funding to the school and its charter schools.

But the legislation that would go before the New Jersey General Assembly could also include funding for NPS charter schools, which currently receive state money.

The law school is also the source of a recent controversy over whether NPS should be forced to change its law school standards, as a result of the school being found to have failed to provide enough high school graduates with a college degree.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, which has argued that Nps standards for graduation and certification are too strict, has filed a lawsuit against the school over its failure to meet the state’s graduation and credential standards.

The suit was dismissed in March.NPS’s law school rank also has an impact on the city’s economy, as it is ranked among the top 10 largest employers in the state.

NPS has over 50,000 students, according to a 2016 study by the Newark Business Journal, and is the largest employer in the city with about 11,500 employees.

But with a population of only 10,000, Newark’s economy is in danger of becoming an economic dead zone.

Despite the high cost of living in Newark, a 2016 New York Times article noted that NPGs residents are not as expensive as many others in the Newark area, and a recent poll conducted by The New York Post found that 77% of NPG residents want their school to remain open.

In the end, Newarkans should be able to trust their public schools with their futures.

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