The Leon, California, school district has hired an adjunct to teach in English at the district’s public schools.

Leon County School District Superintendent Chris Fong told reporters Tuesday that the position is being created by a former graduate student in the Leon School of Business, a program that was created to help local businesses develop and operate their own business operations.

“The new position will serve as the school district’s chief academic officer,” Fong said.

Fong said the position will begin in May and will have the flexibility to expand to cover any of the district, including the Leons public schools, as the position becomes available.

Fongo did not provide any details about the academic qualifications of the new employee, but said the new position is “in line with what we’ve seen in the past with other students and the breadth of their experiences.”

Leons students have the option of taking the position on the first day of classes, but Fong stressed that it is open to all students regardless of their grade level.

Fongs statement does not give any details on the job or the pay for the new professor.

The Leons school district is the first in the nation to hire an English professor, according to the Leones school district website.

Feng said the hiring of the professor was not the only addition to the district that is helping to prepare the Leonts students for life in the global economy.

“There’s also a new opportunity for us to offer students a more personalized learning experience that’s more focused on what we do here at Leons,” Fongs said.

“We’ve got the opportunity to do that in English.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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