A high school supply store that sells everything from notebooks to school uniforms to lunch boxes to school supplies has been selling the same things in many places, with the latest trend coming from malls. 

The Coronado High School Supply store has been around for over a decade, opening in 2012. 

Its products have been around in malls and schools since at least 2005.

The store was started by a mother and daughter who both wanted to help the needy.

They created a store and began selling the items to other families and people who could not afford them.

It now sells everything and anything they could get their hands on, including toys, books, stationery, supplies and more.

“We just really wanted to give back and be a resource to the community,” said store owner and mother-of-two Erin Scholz.

Scholz, a nurse, started selling school supplies through the store in 2006.

She said they now sell more than $1 million worth of supplies every year.

Many of the items are free, which is something Schols is not used to, but they still do a good job.

We’ve seen some really positive things in the last year, she said.

Some items have been bought and sold from other stores, but she said they still have people buying them and selling them on the internet.

Last year, the store sold enough supplies to meet demand for a month, but this year, they plan to increase their supply of items.

 “We’ve just had people just ask for things, like we have some supplies that are not sold, and they’ve been like, ‘Can you make these for me?'” she said, explaining the store has a number of different items. 

“I’ve had people ask if we’re going to make lunch boxes, or we’re not going to sell the lunch boxes because we don’t have them anymore.

If you have an emergency, you can just get it and we’ll do the rest.” 

The store is located at 1290 Eglinton Ave., Montreal, Quebec.

It sells the following items: lunch boxes: (1) 3-pack (2) 2-pack boxes:  (1, 2) 3 pack boxes (3) 4 pack boxes:

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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