CNET has been tracking the companies that have been in the public eye the most lately.

Google’s stock dropped to a record low after the San Bernardino shooting and Apple’s stock went up after the Paris attacks.

We have tracked the stocks and the companies for several years now.

Google, however, has been out of the public spotlight for several months.

When we asked our readers to guess the company’s market cap and its future earnings, Google was not on the list of the top 10 most popular stock names.

We also asked you what you thought Google would look like in five years.

The company’s stock price fell to an all-time low on July 1, 2018 and then rose back to its high in November.

We also asked what you would like to see from Google in the next five years and you answered with four big things: Google’s next product and Google’s future earnings.

In addition, we asked you to rate Google on six different criteria, including product, innovation, user experience and security.

So we got some pretty good feedback.

We’ve added Google to the top 50 tech companies for the first time in a while, which should make the next few years easier for the company.

(You can see the full list of our favorite tech stocks here.)

Google shares have risen nearly 80% this year and were up more than 75% over the last year.

The stock has more than doubled over the past year, to $135.49 a share.

Apple shares have been trading at $158.93 a share for the past three months, but have lost about $13.60 since we started tracking them.

They have been losing about 10% a year on average since June 2018, when they were trading for $156.27 a share, according to FactSet.

Google’s stock has been the most popular among investors.

In fact, the stock has the second-highest market cap among the big tech names in the S&P 500 Index, trailing only Apple.

But Google shares are a lot more volatile than Apple shares.

The average price per share of Google stock is about $175, which is below the $210 for Apple stock.

The stock has had a few short-term spikes that have spiked it above $200.

That means that investors have been willing to take on a lot of risk for a relatively cheap stock.

That is one reason why Apple shares have outperformed Google.

But Google shares aren’t the only tech stocks to have benefited from a spike in the stock price.

Google stock has also benefited from some strong earnings growth.

The last quarter of 2017 saw Google earnings increase by about 50%, according to the company website.

Google had to give some details on what exactly that meant because it was not clear how much of that growth was due to its new search technology.

It also had to provide some numbers for investors.

Google reported that it earned $5.4 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2018.

That’s an increase of about 20% from the same quarter in 2017.

So while Google’s earnings have increased substantially in recent years, Apple shares haven’t fared quite as well.

Apple shares are up about 20%.

Google stock, on the other hand, has only grown by about 3%.

We asked you which tech companies you think Google would be the best company to invest in if it were to launch a new product or make a big investment.

Below are the results.

Top 10 most-popular stock names for the year CMS schools schools Source TechCrunch article We’ve asked you two questions about Google’s stocks: Do you think that Google’s new search and cloud services will improve the lives of consumers and make the Internet more useful for everyone?

Do you want to see the company grow and expand?

Let us know in the comments below.

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