How a high school transcript in Texas helped students earn a college degree and get a spot in Harvard University’s K-12 curriculum.

It is a feat that, in the words of a reporter, was “unprecedented” and “inconceivable” for a Texas high school.

On Wednesday, the Texas Tribune published the transcript, along with a photo of the document, and a short video clip showing the transcript being typed on a keyboard and then being read aloud by the class.

It also includes an essay on how the school created a system in which “there was a very real expectation that the teacher would help the student to learn, and the teacher did.”

The transcript, written by school administrator Mark Johnson and signed by his wife, describes the classroom setting in which the students were taught, and how the teacher and administrators developed an “integrated learning approach” and a “distancing, assessment, intervention and support” strategy.

The students were expected to “make the most of what we were given,” the school district says.

According to the transcript:The transcript also notes that the “educational objectives” of the curriculum were “to provide an inclusive environment and provide a balanced approach to learning and development,” and that students were encouraged to “focus on learning and developing skills and interests that would enable them to achieve academic success.”

The students’ grades, attendance, and “general learning outcomes” were recorded on the transcript.

According to the Tribune, Johnson’s “primary responsibility” as principal of the Trinity Hills High School is to “educate students, promote the academic and academic performance of students and parents.”

The school district’s website lists the school’s name, address, and phone number as part of its “Student Resource Center.”

It is unclear whether the school would be able to retain the student transcripts, which the school has not yet released, and is in the process of doing so.

In an email to The Washington Post, Johnson told the newspaper that the school is in talks with the U.S. Department of Education to determine if the transcript is in its public domain.

Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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