Stuyveant High School is closing its doors for good after just two years as its students graduate.

The school’s closure comes after students at the high school found it was losing money.

Stuyvy’s website announced that the school would be closing on February 28, 2020, citing the “unprecedented financial stress” on Stuyvalans finances, which included the loss of the school’s $2.7 million endowment, a $1 million budget shortfall, and the need for a new building.

The news came just hours after students from Stuyvals school were invited to join a fundraiser in support of the Stuyvus Children’s Center.

According to the school, the closure is part of an overall reorganization of the schools finances.

“This is the end of the journey,” Stuyvillians’ group, the St. Anthony Community Association, told The New York Times.

“It’s very sad and disappointing.

St.uyves is a beautiful school and a wonderful institution.

It will continue to operate for a very long time, but that is all to say goodbye to all of its students and staff.”

Stuyville Public Schools spokesperson John Kohn told the New York Post that Stuyving was the only school that was “still open” and that the closure would not affect any of the other schools in the Stoyvesville community.

The closure comes two years after the Stryvesant High school was the first charter school in New York City to offer its students the option to join private schools and enroll in StuyVee, a public charter school.

The Stuyvestts closure came as Stuyvenans began to lose hope that St. Vierces would remain a thriving school.

As of the time of this article, Stuyvale Public Schools has a student enrollment of just over 6,000 students.

Stuys new charter school is scheduled to open in 2018, according to the district.

[Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to clarify the school closure.]

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