In early January, the district of Arlington, Virginia, became the subject of a new school shooting, when a gunman killed six children in a classroom in an affluent neighborhood.

A teacher was the only victim of the attack, which left at least 20 other students wounded.

The attack sparked national debate about the role of guns in American education, but the gunman’s motives were never made public.

Three days after the shooting, a gunman opened fire on a group of people celebrating a New Year’s Eve party in the town of Newtown, Connecticut.

Police killed him.

The incident led to a debate over gun control laws, with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz calling for a ban on assault weapons and President Barack Obama urging Congress to pass new gun-control legislation.

In response, Trump tweeted: “The people of Arlington deserve better than what they’ve seen.

Our schools are in such shambles, and the parents deserve better.

My Administration will make sure our children and our communities are safe and protected.

The time has come for us to pass a bill that makes it clear that only law-abiding citizens can buy and possess firearms in this country.”

In the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, the US Congress passed the Assault Weapons Ban of 1993.

But in 2017, a number of amendments were proposed to the bill, which were later defeated in the House of Representatives.

The National Rifle Association, which is opposed to any restrictions on firearms, responded by filing a lawsuit against the legislation.

The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

“The NRA was one of the few groups that really challenged the Assault Weapon Ban, and they lost,” says Alan Gottlieb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

“And the NRA lost a lot of money, which was a big blow.”

The lawsuit also argued that the ban on certain types of weapons in schools had been a failure, and that more guns would be used in school shootings.

“A lot of gun violence is not being prevented by gun control,” Gottliebs says.

“But we are still a long way from preventing a mass shooting in school, and we are not going to be that far off.”

The NRA’s lawsuit argued that “the American public is willing to pay for increased gun control that does not have a positive impact on public safety”.

It was a move that would later be endorsed by the US president.

“When I went to the White House, I said, ‘Well, I’m not going along with it’,” Obama told the New York Times in 2017.

“I thought it was the wrong thing to do.

And I have to say, the public was right.

We’ve seen mass shootings in schools.”

Gottliebor says the NRA’s argument was “the right thing to say”.

The NRA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A gun-free zone The NRA was founded in 1919 and is a lobby group that supports the right of private citizens to own guns.

But since its founding, the group has also become one of America’s largest gun rights advocates, with members including presidents Ronald Reagan, George W Bush and George H W Bush.

The NRA has fought against other gun-related measures including the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004, as well as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which went into effect in 1994.

“We’re really committed to protecting gun rights,” Gottliob says.

But the NRA has also made other efforts that have led to some success.

The group helped create the National Rifle Foundation, which promotes the interests of private gun owners.

The foundation has also been an advocate for stricter gun laws.

The groups largest donors include private gun companies, including Sturm, Ruger and Smith & Wesson.

Gottlieba says the lobbying group has become more influential in recent years because of the NRA.

“What we’ve seen with the NRA is that they’ve had a much bigger impact on gun laws than they have on the legislation,” he says.

The organization has also lobbied the federal government to take actions to curb gun violence, including on issues like gun-safety training.

The gun lobby has also pushed for school shootings to be included in the US’s national curriculum.

In April 2017, the NRA launched a new initiative, The Promise, to promote school safety and support schools.

The initiative aims to “promote the best and brightest young people through a series of activities that will engage and educate our nation’s students about the important role that schools play in the prevention of school shootings and the safe development of our nation.”

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