On Feb. 14, 2017, a gunman entered the Lincoln Elementary School, a high school located on a residential street, in the heart of a neighborhood in Monroe County, N.C. He opened fire on a class of about 100 students, killing three of them, including one who was on his way to class.

The shooter then went to a second school, Lincoln High School, where he killed a student and wounded four others.

He was later apprehended in Monroe.

After he was apprehended, school district leaders were shocked to discover that the gunman was not a teacher.

The school district said that he was a student.

It later learned that the shooting was a targeted attack.

A day after the shooting, the school board met to discuss a plan to respond.

There was a lot of discussion about the school and the community, and about the threat of violence.

Some people felt it was important to take a different approach, and they said it would be appropriate to have a second shooting.

That was a decision that was made and I think the community supported that decision.

The superintendent of the Lincoln School District, Jim McCollum, said he wanted to have an emergency response team to be on hand when the shooting happened, but he felt that there were things that needed to be done differently.

He said a response team was necessary to protect the community.

“I think there are some things that would have been better done if the school was evacuated, but the safety of the community and the schools itself was the primary concern,” McCollam said.

“If we had evacuated the school, it would have meant that we would have had a much higher rate of death or injury in the community.”

McCollom said that a response plan was put together, and it involved having about 300 people on the ground, with extra support from the police department.

The community rallied around McCollampers team, and McCollums team responded with a team of more than a dozen people to the scene, including more than 20 officers.

The response team consisted of school personnel, law enforcement officers, and a large contingent of military-grade equipment, including Humvees and armored vehicles.

McCollams team took up positions in a school parking lot to allow students to get to their cars.

The lockdown was lifted, and by noon, school was back in operation.

In the days that followed, the superintendent and school board members were surprised to learn that the school had not been the target of a shooting.

But McCollamps team was called in again for another drill.

The next day, the students returned to class to find that their class had been moved to a different school.

McColls team had moved the students to a new location, where they were again allowed to go back to school.

At first, the Lincoln school district did not know where the shooter had taken the students.

They had no idea where he had come from, and many people believed that the shooter was a teacher in the school.

The district said it learned that a teacher had gone to the school with his family to help protect them.

“The school district was not able to provide a lot more information to the community at that point,” McColls said.

After the incident, McCollms team found that the situation was becoming more complicated, and he asked his team to prepare a plan for what would have happened if the shooter hadn’t taken the children.

“We had the plan and the people that were working on it, but we did not have the resources that were needed to do the best that we could to protect our students,” McColms said.

McColums team found out that the student who was killed in the shooting had been in the classroom the previous day.

The student had been playing soccer.

McCollerms team was able to get the student back in the building the next day and began to work on the plan.

It was then that McColloms team learned that they were not the only team involved in the plan, and that the police had been called in.

McCols team was still searching for more information about the shooter and where he may have taken the school students.

“When I think about the situation, I think of the students that were hurt,” McCellom said.

There were also concerns that the attack was not random, but that a person was targeting the school in order to cause death or harm.

McCelloms team decided to focus on the gunman’s background, the schools that he had attended, and the gunman himself.

“My goal was to get that person off the streets and into jail as quickly as possible,” McColla says.

“It took a while.

In late March, the police received a tip that the suspect had made contact with someone in the Monroe area, and his residence was connected to a residence”

Then we began to investigate his background and his motivation,” McColler said.

In late March, the police received a tip that the suspect had made contact with someone in the Monroe area, and his residence was connected to a residence

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