The coronado school’s graduation is expected to go ahead in two weeks, with the announcement of the school’s first ever graduating class.ABC News Australia has obtained the coronado graduation schedule and will update this story as it becomes available.

The coronado schools graduation is being organised by the Coronado High Schools Student Council (CHSSC) and the NSW Department of Education, which is coordinating the event.

Coronado HS, which has more than 1,200 students, is in a high-risk area with high rates of HIV and drug abuse.

More than 100 students have tested positive for HIV.

Coronial High School is also in a highly risky area with drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Students are required to complete an HIV test, which can cost $150.

The school is also located in the town of Coburg, near Newcastle, which recently came under fire for its high levels of drug and other drug-related problems.

Coronal High is the largest public school in NSW and also includes the NSW Secondary School for Boys and Girls.

It is also the first Coronadian High School to graduate.

“I’m really excited about this coronado community,” Coronadean High School principal Mark Smith said.

“They’ve really brought this community together.

This is the first time we’ve had the coronade school, which I’m really proud of, but it’s not a coronade, it’s just an amazing school.”‘

We are not here to be the same’The coronade is an educational event where students can come together to discuss topics such as health, the environment and social change.

“It’s really important to be able to share this with your friends and family,” Coronial High Principal Matthew Tuck said.”[It’s] really important for our kids to have the opportunity to come together, share their stories and talk about what’s going on in the community.”

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