A new public high school in Milton, Indiana, is giving a boost to the region’s economy.

Its new school is helping to attract more students to the area, helping to revitalise the city’s historic downtown and creating jobs.

The Milton High School for Girls is an open-to-the-public facility.

It has more than 150 students from around the world.

Its primary and secondary students come from schools around the country and are from a range of different backgrounds.

Its goal is to provide a high quality education to students of all backgrounds.

Its first grade class is the first from a small town in Indiana to have an open school in the United States.

The school, which opened in 2019, is run by the Milton Community Development Corporation.

Its mission is to build a strong foundation for future success.

Its board is made up of community leaders, educators and staff from across the Milton area.

It’s mission is also to build the skills and abilities that will make the city and the state of Indiana a leader in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

Milton High School has a diverse and highly trained staff and it has been named a STEM Innovation Hub by the Association for American Universities.

The new high school will soon have a full curriculum for students, with the focus on the arts, sports and business.

It will be a home for the city of Milton to develop its economy and will help to help the city become more vibrant and inclusive.

In 2018, the school opened as a pilot school in a small neighborhood.

The program is designed to provide students with access to STEM subjects at a lower cost than in the surrounding community, and the students are able to develop their skills and be able to work in a more diverse workforce.

Mt St Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Milton is the oldest church in the city.

Its congregation was formed in 1820, and has been the largest Christian congregation in the area since the early 1900s.

Its members attend the church every Sunday morning and celebrate the lives of their church community.

Its first floor, the church’s sanctuary, was built in the 1860s and the congregation is still growing.

The church also has a large gymnasium, library and a museum.

Its students are educated in a variety of subjects including art and the arts.

The students receive a variety in scholarships, including scholarships to attend the University of Indiana.

The city of Indianapolis and the community have been able to use this program because of the Milton school’s leadership.

The university is a member of the state’s STEM Institute, and many students from other schools in the community are also enrolled.

In addition, the Milton High school has a number of scholarships for local students who need financial help to attend college.

The community has made a big difference in Milton.

Its population of about 500 people is much larger than the surrounding areas, and its people have been a real asset to the city, the county and the region, said Daniel Schulman, a professor at the University at Buffalo.

“This is a community that has a lot of diversity, a lot more than you might think,” he said.

“I think the community is really trying to work through some of the issues that they are dealing with, and it’s really showing a lot, especially in Milton.”

The school has received national and international recognition and is being recognised by the US Department of Education for its work.

In 2017, the state awarded the school $10 million in funding to build and expand the school.

The funding is a continuation of the funding that Milton has been getting for the last 20 years.

The district has received more than $6 million in state funding to support the school, and another $6.5 million in federal funds.

The state has also given Milton $15 million in grants and loans to make its high school more accessible to students, including free lunch for low-income students, a $6,000 stipend for teachers and a $5,000 scholarship for the first-year student.

The money is a significant investment for Milton.

“Our school is a great example of how a community can support an institution that is doing such a good job, and then take that and do a whole lot more to improve it,” said Adam Smith, a Milton High student who is a part of the school’s student council.

“The community is very involved in the school.”‘

We’re a great community’At the beginning of the year, Milton’s school board met to discuss its next steps.

The board had decided that Milton High was not a good fit for its current school district and decided to put in place a plan to expand the Milton campus to allow more students.

Mulberry High School in North Carolina, which was closed in 2016, was also on the list.

The state of North Carolina was providing grants to Mulberry, which will now be a full-time

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