The most popular character from the hit Disney Channel show, Aladdin, is back in Australia.

And if you’re a fan of the show and want to know more about it, you can now make a profile with it on Facebook.

The Aladdin Facebook page was launched in December, with the first profile being created by Aussie-born user, Kari, and the rest of the profiles have been created by others.

“I thought I’d create a profile for the character,” Kari said.

“He’s so popular.

I thought it’d be fun to have a page for him, and to get the word out.”

In the past, there were three profiles to choose from.

Kari, who is a second-year student at the University of New South Wales, decided to make one for the Aladdin character, using photos of the character in her bedroom.

“It’s kind of a dream come true for me to make my own profile for him,” Kai said.

She said she was inspired by the show’s character in the episode where he goes to the desert, and how he falls in love with the Princess Jasmine.

“The way he falls for her, I wanted to capture the same thing in my profile,” Kia said.

Her profile shows her a photo of her father, an American-born actor, with Aladdin in the background.

Kai said she started the page by tagging her friends and family to make it easy to see their likes and dislikes.

“If you have a lot of likes, it’ll help you find the profile,” she said.”[My family] love it, they think it’s great.”

But some of the characters she tagged are not her friends or family.

“You get tagged so many times that it’s kind like a random collection of people,” she explained.

“When you have more friends, they’re less likely to tag you so it’s hard to see if they’re really friends or if they are just tagging the same people a lot.”

Kari said she tagged Aladdin to make the page easy to find, so she was able to see her friends’ likes.

“As you know, it’s easier to find a friend on Facebook if you can find a profile, so I tagged him to make sure it’s easy to tag,” she added.

“A lot of people have tagged their likes.

I’ve tagged him, but I didn’t tag them.

It was a way to get a good look at his followers.”

Kai and Kari started their Aladdin page on December 19.

Karena, a second year student at Murdoch University in Sydney, said the profile is easy to use and people are surprised when they log on.

“There’s so many people tagging their likes, so it was really easy to make,” she told ABC News.

“People just like to have fun with it, and it was great to see people enjoying it.”

Karera said she has been tagging her followers, which have also been helpful in finding her Aladdin profile.

“Some of my friends like to tag my followers, and I’ve found that sometimes people just love to tag it and that’s really cool,” she joked.

“Sometimes people tag their likes because they think they might not be able to find it in the search results, but if you do, it will definitely help.”

Kia, who works as a student nurse, said she also likes to tag her followers.

“This is a really fun way to find my Aladdin,” she quipped.

“Just a bunch of random people tag me and it’s a really easy way to see who’s a fan.”

She said the first few days have been very busy for her.

“Getting my profile up and running was really hard, but it’s been so nice to see all the other people’s posts, they like to share their favourite stuff,” she shared.

“That’s great, I’m enjoying it and it helps me keep my profile going.”

Read more about social media:Aladdin is a popular Disney Channel series, which is currently available on Netflix.

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