Parents of backpackers who travel by plane might have to put down their backpack or travel with their own bag when travelling to a school.

But they don’t have to worry about getting their pockets full while travelling, according to the Queensland Department of Education.

The department says backpackers will still be able to take a hand-held pocket-sized mobile phone and other essentials for school when they travel, but backpackers should only carry one small item, such as a small laptop, a small bag or a smartphone, in their pockets when travelling.

Key points:Backpackers can still use their own bags when travelling, but will have to carry one large item such as their school bag when doing soThey can still carry their own small items such as laptops, small bags and smartphones while travellingThe Department says backpacker’s are still able to carry their school bags when doing business, school meetings and when travelling in public schoolsThe Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation says backpack students should carry their bags on board the school bus, but that they can also carry their personal belongings such as school uniforms.

It is understood the backpackers are now limited to using their own personal items when travelling with their school, but the department says the backpacker has a choice of using their school backpack or taking a hand hold.

In an email to parents, the department said the backpack students were still allowed to take their own school bag and it was understood to be an optional item on board their school bus.

The backpackers were originally instructed to bring their own pocket-size mobile phone, but they were told it could be taken off the bus if they were wearing a backpack, the email said.

The email said the department had been aware of the issue and was working with parents to find a solution.

It was also understood backpackers could carry their student uniforms on board a school bus and that the school could offer students uniforms for free.

School officials say the backpack student’s choice of backpack or pocket-based backpack would still be an option.

“We want to make sure that backpackers get the right information about the backpack program and what they are allowed to bring, so we will have a range of different options in the coming months,” a spokesman for the Department of Primary Industries said.

“As the school year continues, the backpack backpacker program will evolve to better meet the needs of the school environment.”

Parents should understand that backpack travel is an option and they can choose their own backpack and carry it with them when they go.

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