You can now cancel your school’s Nail Technology Ticket, a $20,000 scholarship program that allows kids from a low-income background to attend one of the nation’s largest public school systems.

The program will end at 6 p.m.

ET Monday, but you can still get your tickets through Ticketmaster.

“This is a great program, and it’s going to go to a lot of people,” said Nail Technician Michael Smith, whose son attends Rutherford County Schools.

It’s also good news for the state’s public schools.

The Rutherford County School Board received a record amount of applications from students who didn’t qualify for the scholarship.

There were 3,906 applications for the $20 million scholarship, with an average value of $3,000, according to Superintendent of Schools Michael Pincus.

Smith said the program is not meant to replace traditional high school graduation or the completion of a college degree, but is aimed at making sure the most disadvantaged students have the opportunity to go on to high school.

A program like this is a big help to families, said Smith, who was in his office Monday afternoon preparing to go home to be with his family for the holiday weekend.

If I have a chance to get a ticket, I would definitely go,” Smith said.

In addition to getting a scholarship, the program allows students from low- and middle-income backgrounds to attend schools that are at least 80 percent black and 50 percent Latino.

It also allows students to attend public or private elementary or secondary schools, which are at or below 90 percent black.

The state has more than 800 public schools that accept students with special needs.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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