The world’s oldest dancing school is being closed because of poor finances and poor maintenance.

It was opened in 1852, but it was shut down by the then-King Edward VIII in 1867.

It was the first school in the country to have a school dance programme, and in the years following, more than 80 other schools around the world were also shut down.

Now, it is in its seventh and final year of operations, but its closure has caused a stir in the community, with some concerned about its financial condition.

“I don’t think anyone can understand how they can get that much money from their parents, because that is just not right,” said Maria, a former pupil.

The school was originally run by a group of musicians, who were also the parents of the schoolgirls.

They were all from different countries, but Maria was the only English-speaking one who was born and bred in England.

“It was a really big deal for them,” she said.

Maria was so moved by the school that she has never left it.

Her father died when she was eight, and her mother died when Maria was nine.

I was never able to go back.

I never got the chance.

For the past five years, Maria and her siblings have been trying to make ends meet by working as baristas and waitress, and they are also studying music and drama at the local college.

After the closure of the dance school, Maria said the parents are worried that the money will be put towards other things, such as the upkeep of the building.

Despite the closure, the school still offers classes, music and dance.

“The music teachers are all really passionate about the school, and we have a really strong community,” said Nellie, who works as a barista.

But for the most part, the community has supported the school.

“I can’t believe it’s closing.

We are very happy,” said Laura, who also works as an instructor.

One of the main concerns is that the school has not been adequately funded.

“We are worried it won’t be able to continue because of the money we are receiving,” said Ms Martin.

In the past, the owners have invested in the building, but Ms Martin said that has not paid off.

“When it’s all done, it’s going to cost a lot of money, so we are going to need to look at the building in terms of the maintenance,” she explained.

So far, there have been no complaints about the building’s condition.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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