On a recent trip to North High School in Goldfish, Florida, I noticed a group of kids, dressed in blue, blue-and-white jerseys, practicing in the pool.

They were in full pads, their skates skated by the sides of the ice, and the lines were very long.

I wondered what was going on with the kids, and whether they were really practicing in a hockey rink.

The answer is a lot, because the NHL is about to expand its regular season into 10 contests.

That’s the format for this year, and it’s about to get even bigger.

The NHL is set to play its first 10 games in the season’s final week of the regular season, with the playoffs set for the first two weeks of March.

That means the regular-season slate will start in mid-March, with five teams on the schedule.

In the next two weeks, the NHL will host four more games and will then expand to eight.

Each game will be a 10-minute contest with three periods of one minute each and two overtime periods, a break for the goal clock to run out, and then an extra 10 minutes for the penalty box to be used.

The games will be played at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, where the Maple Leafs will play their next game on March 9 against the Detroit Red Wings.

That will be the second time in as many years the Leafs will host an NHL game.

The other is on March 5, when the Pittsburgh Penguins host the New York Islanders at the MTS Centre in Scarborough, where they’ll face the Ottawa Senators on March 10.

The Islanders will host the Bruins on March 12, while the Senators will face the New Jersey Devils on March 14.

This year, the schedule will also include four contests against teams in the Atlantic Division.

That group includes the Pittsburgh, Boston, New Jersey, New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning, plus the Buffalo Sabres and Carolina Hurricanes.

The schedule will be followed by a four-game series between the Montreal Canadiens and the New Hampshire Wildcats, which is a one-time game in which the Wildcats will play against the Canadiens.

The final game will also be played in Montreal, and will take place on March 16.

The league’s schedule will change again in mid‑March, as the schedule is being finalized.

The expansion of the NHL schedule will mean a number of changes, and we’re not yet there yet.

First, there are some things we know about the NHL’s new format.

The teams will play two games a week for the rest of the season.

Teams will play a maximum of 10 games per calendar week.

Teams that play fewer than 10 games will play six games in a row.

The game schedule will stay the same.

Teams are allowed two 10-second periods before the first period ends, and a two-minute break between periods of two minutes each.

Players will not skate during a two minute period.

The goal clock will run out at the end of the first and second periods, but the time will not count until the third period.

If a team is awarded a goal, it will be scored at the time it receives the puck.

If the puck gets away from the puck carrier, the puck is awarded to the goalie.

Goalies will not be allowed to use their stick to protect the puck during the second period.

Hockey has never been a perfect sport.

The overtime period has been criticized for its long duration, and in recent years, the goalies have gotten better.

The two-minutes break between the second and third periods is also not in use.

The rule changes for the season will allow more time for goalies to recover from injury and other injuries, but they will also give teams more time to prepare.

There will be fewer power-play opportunities, as teams will have two fewer shots and two fewer penalties.

In addition, players will have fewer offensive zone faceoffs.

Players won’t be allowed at the blue line and will be allowed in the corners and the boards.

Players can be in the penalty boxes.

Players and teams will get to play more minutes for less penalty time.

The scoring system will be changed a bit.

The current scoring system is three points for a goal and three for a power play.

This season, teams will score three goals per game in overtime, with two goals being a game-winner and one goal being a power-in.

The difference between a goal being scored and a power is called a “goal differential,” and the difference between two power-plays being tied is called “game-winners.”

The goal differential is calculated using an adjusted plus-minus statistic, which adjusts for the relative strength of a team’s power play and their penalty kill.

The adjusted plus minus statistic will be used to determine how much a team should expect to score in the first 20 minutes of the game against its opponent.

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