A high school in Westlake, Florida, has decided to make its graduation photos available online for the first time. 

The Westlake High School student body president announced on Facebook that the school will begin offering its graduation ceremony online on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2019. 

This is the first year that Westlake has implemented the internet graduation ceremony, which was launched last year. 

A video announcing the new option will go up on the school’s official Facebook page shortly.

“Westlake High has been the home of high school students for over 30 years and this is our first step to truly connect our community to our students. 

We want everyone to know they will be able to see their graduation photos, which we are very proud of,” said Dr. Jason Johnson, president of Westlake Schools. 

Students will have to submit a personal information about themselves and their attendance at Westlake to register their photo, and the school said that students will also be required to complete a video answering questions about their attendance. 

Westlake also announced that students who are already enrolled in the online graduation will be offered an alternative option. 

“Students enrolled in West Lake High will be required by the school to take a photo of their attendance, graduation ceremony and graduation ceremony attendance, and we will send them a special card to help them complete their enrollment,” said Johnson. 

As of Thursday morning, the school had over 100,000 students enrolled in its system. 

Some of the students have said they are excited about the change.

“I like to think it’s going to make a difference.

We’re looking forward to getting out of here and starting our lives,” said freshman Tyler Wahl. 

Wahl’s mother said that she has no doubts that Westgate High will receive its official high school diploma online. 

Johnson said that the decision was made by the Westlake school board, not by the community, and that the new process is only a “procedural step” to allow for the “future” of online graduation. 

According to the school website, Westlake is a private, public, and religious school. 

It was established in 1971. 

There is currently no graduation ceremony at Westgate.

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