A growing number of Republican governors are calling for more federal money for schools and school districts.

The bipartisan Governors Association of America on Wednesday released a report calling for $2 billion a year to help schools with teacher pay.

They are calling on the Education Department to increase funding for teacher training, including teacher pay, as well as support for pre-K and post-secondary programs.

Their call follows the resignation of President Donald Trump’s chief education adviser and an overhaul of teacher evaluations, a proposal that drew criticism from some teachers’ unions.

“There’s just not enough money,” said John Rafferty, a member of the Governors Association’s executive board.

“We are not getting what we need.”

The bipartisan report also called for more funds for early childhood education, including for preschool programs and for special education programs that help children with disabilities.

The governors association has said the federal government has not provided enough funding for those programs since the beginning of the school year.

The group wants the Department of Education to set up a new fund to support early childhood and special education education programs.

The report also calls for more funding for state and local government to create new jobs and invest in infrastructure.

More than 2 million children live in schools that are either in deficit or in danger of being in deficit, according to the Governors association.

It also said that, as a result of the budget crisis, the government has lost nearly $600 billion in revenue over the last decade.

Many of the states that are not facing financial challenges are the ones that have already been hit hard by the recession, said Rafferity.

The U.S. has the highest debt-to-GDP ratio in the world.

A total of 447,000 teachers were laid off during the recession and more than 400,000 were laid-off as a direct result of layoffs, according in the report.

More than 1 million teachers were also laid off in 2017, according the report, and the average teacher lost $4,813.

The average teacher had $33,065 in salary.

Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized the president for not doing more to help teachers and school leaders, particularly in states where they have traditionally held power.

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