School girls have been known to be fashionistas, but they have also become fashion-conscious in recent years.

And this year, the best thing that has come out from school this year is a girl’s school costume.

A school girl has been crowned the “Best School Girl Costume Designer” by the Fashion Designers Guild of America, a prestigious organization that recognizes the best creative talent in the world.

Alicia Stovall, 14, made headlines earlier this month when she made headlines for wearing a Halloween costume that had an eye patch that covered her face.

A school nurse who saw her dress and contacted police told the news outlet that it was “inappropriate,” but Stovalls parents didn’t feel it was appropriate for a child.

Stovalls dad told WJTV that the dress he wore was for a school project and that it wasn’t intended for the public, but he has been wearing it at school events for years.

“I love the school and the people that go to it, so I’m just so excited,” he said.

“This is something I think is very empowering and I think a lot of girls are going to like it.”

“We really want to encourage a little bit of diversity and a little more diversity in our school environment,” said Amber Buell, the guild’s senior vice president of diversity.

“It was a little unusual that we got such a strong response from school district, and we really appreciate the support that we’ve received from the community and from the schools.”

The guild also announced that it had given Stovals costume to an African American girl in a class that would be wearing a costume that was designed by a member of the guild.

The guild is part of the fashion industry and has an award for the best costume for a student.

“This is a great thing for all the schoolgirls out there who want to have a little fun and not be afraid to show off their creativity and have fun with their friends,” said guild president and chief executive officer Tanya Czernich.

“They don’t have to be shy and just be the normal person that everyone else is.

This is a good way for them to show their individuality and express themselves.”

Stovall told The Associated Press that she’s always been the kind of girl who wears a dress for school and is always happy to do so.

“If it’s something that I want to wear to school, I’m going to do it,” she said.

“We’re really excited to see Alicia wear this,” said Kristin Anderson, the daughter of Stovs dad.

“And we want her to wear this to every school function we do and every party we go to.”

“The best part of school is the time you have together with your friends and your family and being able to show your creativity and creativity and your talent to others,” said Anderson, 14.

“We love that it’s an opportunity for us to express ourselves and show our creativity.

We really do love it.

It’s an incredible opportunity.”