Former prison school teacher Michael Smith says he had a “brief” time in the institution but later became disillusioned.

He left prison and now teaches at a college.

He told NBC News that he went to prison after he was arrested on drug and gun charges.

The former inmate and school teacher told NBC’s Today show that he had no idea about the institution.

Smith was in jail for two years.

He had been released on bail, but the charges against him were later dismissed.

He says he was given an hour a day to complete his classes, and he was only allowed to work part-time.

“I got to work on Monday afternoons,” he said.

Smith, a teacher for nearly 30 years, says he’s never had a problem in prison.

He has been in and out of prison.

The father of four says he attended the prison and worked there for a couple of years.

Smith says it was a short time in prison but that he never felt any fear or pain in his life.

“The people were kind, and the prison was kind,” Smith said.

He said he learned to respect and trust the people in prison and the corrections officers who worked for him.

“When I got out, I got a job, a job that paid well,” he added.

Smith also shared his thoughts on his experience.

He was released from prison in 2017, and has been working as a teacher at a local school.

He also said he has no regrets about his time in custody.

“There was a time in my life where I did have a bit of regret.

I did regret my choice to go to prison, because that’s where I got hurt,” he told Today.

But it was what I felt that I needed to do to be a good person and to make sure I was getting the help I needed.”

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