The real estate school system has seen its share of scandals over the past few years, but it’s not a particularly reliable source of information on which schools to visit in 2019.

The real estate sector has a reputation for being one of the least safe and most expensive professions in the world.

And that’s not just a matter of perception.

According to a report released last year by the National Association of Realtors, the real estate market in New York City has seen a 30% drop in the number of new properties sold each year over the last decade, as well as a 26% drop during the same period in Los Angeles.

This trend is mirrored by many other cities across the US, with property prices falling during the recession as people struggled to get by.

But that doesn’t mean that schools are the safest places to spend your time in 2019, according to real estate experts.

“It’s important to note that real estate schools are a part of a larger trend,” said Daniel Shavit, managing director of real estate consulting firm Shavity Ventures.

Shavit points to an industry trend that is becoming increasingly more popular across the United States.

“We’ve seen this trend for decades,” he said.

He believes that the real-estate sector has been growing in popularity as people have become more comfortable with the idea of owning a home.

At the same time, there’s a growing concern that schools have become too expensive for a growing number of students.

While the realtors are not the first to point this out, the reality is that many schools have been getting into the business of attracting students.

In recent years, the number and quality of schools in the United Kingdom has dropped considerably.

It’s no secret that schools in this country are not safe places to educate your children.

As with other industries, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of the market, especially in the first year of your child’s education.

Real estate schools have a long and storied history in the realtor market.

They were established in 1883, and today are the largest and most influential industry in the U.S. They are responsible for approximately 50% of all private real estate sales in the country.

For decades, they have been responsible for educating tens of thousands of children every year in their fields, from pre-K to middle school.

But in recent years they have seen their business suffer as demand for students in the education sector has skyrocketed.

In a report published in June, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) said that the number one reason for school closures across the country has been student demand for education.

In the last 10 years, there have been more than a half-dozen closures of school districts across the U