Edison, NJ — As the city of Edison prepares to reopen after the devastation wrought by Superstorm Sandy, a small group of educators and students are pushing for a new system.

They want to build a new public school system for the city, one that will teach students, parents and teachers the skills they need to succeed in a city that is so often left behind by a system that has so often been out of step with what the city is trying to accomplish.

While many of the city’s students are already enrolled in public schools in Newark, they’re not the only ones.

The city has been struggling to educate students in the wake of the storm.

But the Edison Unified School District, which serves more than 9,000 students in seven schools, has been out-resourced to help students prepare for the new school year.

The Edison school system, which was founded in the early 1960s, has faced challenges that many other public schools have faced.

Edison’s public schools are in the city center, in the Edisons own historic district and in a neighborhood that was devastated by Superstorms Irene and Irene.

But it also has a number of charter schools that serve more than 400 students, including those operated by the Edes’ teachers union.

As the city prepares to begin classes on Tuesday, teachers, parents, students and even some parents are looking forward to a new start.

Many of the students are still in school but have been reassigned to other districts and will likely be on campus for a few weeks.

That means that Edison students will need to attend school in different parts of the district for the first time in more than a year.

The first day of school is also the last day for most of the classes to be held at Edisons elementary school.

“It’s a big change,” said Lisa Tannenbaum, a third-grade teacher at Edison Elementary School.

“We’re really excited for our kids.

They’ll be a lot more ready for school.”

The district has also hired more than 700 additional teachers, who are learning new concepts, including English as a second language, math, science and math history.

Some teachers are also learning to speak English fluently.

“There’s a lot of challenges for the teachers, but it’s a good learning environment for us to learn from,” Tannensbaum said.

“Teachers are really going to be making a big difference.

It’s really about bringing students in.”

But the teachers and other school administrators are also worried about how the new district will work with students who were previously enrolled in charter schools.

Edison Public Schools has long struggled to recruit students to its schools, especially since it was created.

The Edisons first charter school opened in 1969 and closed in 1994, but Edison has since struggled to maintain students.

The charter schools have also struggled to keep up with the demand for public schools and have closed more often than they opened.

Many teachers have been on leave since Sandy devastated the city.

“When you think about Edison and the charter schools, it’s not surprising that charter schools are more difficult to manage,” said John Pyle, a teacher at the Edson school district.

“You know, we’re not just hiring teachers.

We’re actually having to take a lot out of our teachers.

The whole district has had to come together to deal with the challenges that we’re facing.

We need to find a solution.”

The teachers union has been working on the plan for a year to replace the Edings public schools with charter schools in Edison.

They hope to begin the process next week.

Pyle and other teachers at Edson are also concerned about how charter schools might impact the district’s charter schools and how that might affect their students.

The district plans to reopen most of its charter schools on Monday and has also opened two new charter schools for the district.

One of the new charter school sites is located in an industrial park in Edisons southern suburbs.

The other is a renovated high school on a corner lot that once housed a charter school.

“I know the teachers there are anxious because it’s their first time going to charter schools,” Tampin said.

The new charter high school, located in the former Edison Industrial School, has already been open for several years.

Tampins mother has said the school was a good place for her to teach her son, and she and the teachers want to make sure the district has everything they need.

“I think the students have a lot to learn,” Tammin said of the charter high schools.

“They’re going to learn a lot about what it means to be an Edisons student, and it’s going to help us to get to the best possible educational outcome for our students.”

In the meantime, some of the teachers in the charter school district are worried that some of their former students will be forced to move to Edisons new charter.